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About CT Bear

  • The Connecticut Bear (“CT Bear”) contest is an annual event presented by the Northeast Ursamen.

  • The contest brings together individuals who identify as bears, cubs, urns, otters, and admirers to enjoy a sense of community and see who will hold the tile of Connecticut Bear!

  • The primary duty of the titleholder is to work to promote and support the bear and LGBTQIA+ communities of Connecticut and promote the Northeast Ursamen’s Connecticut Bear title as a traveling ambassador.

  • Throughout the title year, CT Bear will hold community-focused events that will educate the community, raise funds for worthy charities, and provide fun for all who attend!

  • Connecticut Bear represents the bear community of Connecticut with pride throughout the New England region.

  • They are an ambassador for the Northeast Ursamen, one of CT's premier organizations.

  • If not already a member, the contest winner becomes an honorary member of our club. As a member of the Northeast Ursamen, the CT Bear titleholder agrees to abide by the club’s policies and procedures (a requirement of any member).

  • CT Bear titleholder is granted the position of advisor to the Ursamen board of directors, so they can help us stay in touch with the bear community and improve our outreach.

  • They are entrusted with the titleholder's sash, which they can wear that lets everyone know they are the winner of the CT bear contest.

  • At the end of their title year, the titleholder is gifted the year marker as a memento, including having a patch made which they can attach to a vest or other suitable garment.

  • The Northeast Ursamen also encourages our CT Bear titleholder to compete for higher levels of title and will reasonably support them in their endeavor to do so.

  • We work with our titleholder to create and inspire events during their year. They are also invited to attend events and spread good will throughout our community.

  • We encourage our titleholder to select a charity that they identify strongly with and raise funds for them during their title year.

  • As part of the following year's contest events, the titleholder presents their chosen organization with the funds they've raised.

  • The title of CT Bear is the sole property of Northeast Ursamen.  The titleholder agrees to uphold the responsibilities and conduct themselves in a manner befitting the title as outlined herein. Failure to comply with these terms may result in the revocation of the title.

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